Monmouth County election results from The Coast Star


    Republicans have retained their hold on the Belmar Borough Council with Election Day victories by incumbents James W. McCracken [910] and Thomas J. Carvelli [822] over Democrats Maggie McBride [638] and Cheryl Russo [626] and independent James Bean [315].

    In Spring Lake Heights, Republican Christopher Campion [744] claimed victory over Democratic Mayor Thomas P. O’Brien [728].

    “We’ve been very successful these last few years and I think our team has done a great job for the community,” Mr. Campion said, referring to the council’s Republican majority. “We’re going to keep on building on it and taking care of our residents.”

    In Bradley Beach, borough council incumbents Harold Cotler [498] and Norman Goldfarb [462], were unseated by newcomers Tim Sexsmith [565] and Alan Gubitosi [559]. The challengers were part of ticket that included victorious incumbents John Weber [637] and Randy Bonnell [571], under the banner “Fair Transparent Government – Real Change.” Mr. Cotler and Mr. Goldfarb had run under the banner “Integrity – Fiscal Responsibility – Experience,” with former planning board chairman William Psiuk [453] and Salvatore Galassetti [516].

    In the race for Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders, Wall Township Committeeman Dominick DiRocco [66,114] was elected with fellow Republican and incumbent Thomas Arnone [71,224]. The pair easily defeated Democrats Michael Penna [51,196] and Moira Nelson [48,739].

    RESULTS [Apparent winners indicated in bold. All numbers are designated as “unofficial”  by the Monmouth County Board of Election, until counting of mail-in ballots and provisional ballots is completed on Friday.]

    Board of Commissioners [Three four-year terms]
    John Magrini  [Incumbent     311 
    Frank Gorman   [Incumbent]     306     
    Robert Mahon [Incumbent    340
    Mary Lou Farmer                      238
    Edward Bonanno                   410

    Borough Council [Two three-year terms]
    Tom Carvelli [Incumbent, GOP]    822
    Jim McCraken [Incumbent, GOP]  910
    Maggie McBride [Dem]                      638
    Cheryl Russo [Dem]                          626
    Jim Bean [Ind]                                 315

    Board of Education [Three three-year terms]
    Cherie Adams           1,017
    Aileen Fahy               1,051
    Antoinette Raucci        982

    Borough Council [Four three-year terms]
    Harold Cotler [Incumbent]           498
    Salvatore Galassetti                    516
    Norman Goldfarb [Incumbe          462
    William Psiuk                              453
    Randy Bonnell [Incumbent]    571
    Alan Gubitosi                            559
    Tim Sexsmith                            565
    John Weber [Incumbent]         637

    Board of Education [Three three-year terms]
    Barbara Calucci [Incumbent]           728
    Peggy Meranda [Incumbent]           692
    Donald Warnet [Incumbent]            688

    Board of Education [One-year unexpired term]
    Dwight Gerdes [Inumbent]             675

    Mayor [Four-year term]
    Thomas Nicol [Incumbent, GOP]       916

    Borough Council [Two three-year terms]
    Michael Gianforte [Incumbent, GOP]   946
    Cort Gorham [Incumbent, GOP]           878

    Board of Education [Three three-year terms]
    Kurt Becker                                 607
    David D’Amrosio .                       418
    Steven LaValva [Incumbent]     566
    Fred Mihelic                                  397
    Mark Stratton                               348

    Borough Council [Two three-year terms]
    Hawley Scull [Incumbent, Dem]         210
    Douglas E. Witte [Incumbent, Dem]   228

    Board of Education [Three-year term]
    Michele Cartaya                              116     
    Mary Lou Underhill [Incumbent]         112

    Mayor [ Four-year term]
    Edward Donovan [Incumbent, Dem     1,105

    Borough Council [Two three-year terms]
    Sara Jane Millard [Dem]                       669
    Gregg Olivera [Incumbent, GOP]   1,042
    Richard Read [Incumbent, Dem]      830

    Board of Education [Three three-year terms]
    Joseph Loffredo [Incumbent]    856
    Thomas Pellegrino                     845
    Alfred Sorino [Incumbent]        839
    Colin Warren [Incumbent]             696

    Mayor [Four-year term]
    Ken Farrell [Incumbent]                  370
    Matthew Clemmensen [Write-in]     360*
    *Unofficial as of Nov. 13

    Borough Council [Two three-year terms]
    Melissa Giegerich                                602
    Matthew Mastrorilli [Incumbent]       640

    Borough Council [One-year unexpired term]
    Mark Clemmensen [Incumbent]  591

    Board of Education [Two three-year terms]
    John Lajewski    399

    Mayor [Four-year term]
    Jennifer Naughton [Incumbent, Dem]         597

    Borough Council [Two three-year terms]
    Joseph Erbe [Incumbent, GOP]     699
    David Frost [Incumbent, GOP]      687

    Board of Education [Two three-year terms]
    John Clark                                 421
    Matthew Palmer                          353
    James Worth [Incumbent]      398

    Board of Education [One-year unexpired term]
    Michael Moran [Incumbent]                  

    Mayor [Four-year term]
    Christopher Campion [GOP]                744
    Thomas O’Brien [Incumbent, Dem]          728

    Borough Council Two three-year terms]
    William Graetz [Incumbent, GOP]         838
    Michael Milano [Dem]                                614
    Christopher Willms [Incumbent, GOP]  811
    Joseph York [Dem]                                   621

    Board of Education [Two three-year terms]
    James Carey                            868
    Anne McGarry [Incumbent]    942

    Township Committee [Two three-year seats]
    Thomas Kingman [GOP]                       3,726
    William Mountford [Independent]             1,281
    Kevin Orender [Incumbent, GOP]        4,294     

    Board of Education [Three three-year terms]
    Ralph Addonizio [Incumbent]      3,536
    Russell Gartz [Incumbent]           3,182
    Joseph A. Hall Jr. [Incumbent]     3,346

    Board of Education [Two-year unexpired term]
    Andrew R. Krupa [Incumbent]              3,413

    Board of Chosen Freeholders [two three-year terms]
    Thomas Arnone [Incumbent, GOP]          71,224

    Dominick DiRocco [GOP]                          66,114
    Moira Nelson [Dem]                                    50,785
    Michael Penna [Dem]                                  51,196

    Sheriff [Three-year term]
    Shaun Golden [Incumbent, GOP]        73,454
    Raymond Dothard [Dem]                        48,687

    New Jersey State Assembly
    30th Legislative District [Two two-year terms]
    Yasin Celik [Dem]                                     7,006
    Steven Farkas [Dem]                                7,185
    Sean T. Kean [Incumbent, GOP]          16,554
    Hank Schroeder [independent]                     966
    Edward Thomson [Incumbent, GOP]   15,135

    STATEWIDE BALLOT QUESTION: Amending the state constitution to extend the current $250-per-year property tax deduction for home-owning veterans to veterans who live in continuing care communities, provided they have served in the military “in time of war, or other emergency” and were honorably discharged.

    Yes            82,923

    No              30,356