Ocean County election results from The Ocean Star


    The Point Pleasant Beach Republicans for Change ticket swept Tuesday’s borough elections, led by Paul Kanitra’s 1,101 to 300 defeat of Democrat Lawrence Dooley. Come January, Mr. Kanitra will be joined on the dais by his running mates, Arlene Testa and Doug Vitale, who won the two council races.

    Brick Township Democrats swept all four council seats with the re-election of three incumbents, while Councilman James Fozman lost his re-election bid. Council President Andrea Zapcic, Vice President Lisa Crate and Councilman Arthur Halloran were all re-elected. They are joined by Democratic challenger Vincent Minichino, who defeated Councilman Fozman, bringing the Brick Township Council completely under Democratic control and the mayorship under Mayor John Ducey.

    In Point Pleasant, Republicans Joseph Furmato Jr., an incumbent, and Charlene Archer defeated their Democratic opponents for the two borough council seats on the ballot.

    Board of Education members 
    Diane Peterson and Jacquelyn Wieland were re-elected.

    In Bay Head, GOP incumbents secured new terms Tuesday evening, with a new councilwoman ready to join the dais this January. 

    During January’s reorganization meeting, Mayor William Curtis will be sworn in for a fourth term, while Councilman Doug Lyons will be sworn in for a third. Holly MacPherson will begin her first term on the council.

    Bay Head Board of Education members Shannon Curtis and Barry Pearce were both re-elected.

    RESULTS [Apparent winners indicated in bold. Results from the Ocean County Clerk are unofficial, pending final counting of provisional and mail-in ballots.]

    Mayor [One four-year term]
    William Curtis [Incumbent, GOP] 273

    Borough Council [Two three-year terms]
    Doug Lyons [Incumbent, GOP] 271
    Holly MacPherson [GOP] 252

    Board of Education [Two three-year terms]
    Shannon Curtis [Incumbent] 196
    Barry Pearce [Incumbent] 201

    Borough Council [Four three-year terms]
    Andrea Zapcic [Incumbent, Dem] 8,332
    Lisa Crate [Incumbent, Dem] 7,994
    Arthur Halloran [Incumbent, Dem] 7,948
    Vincent Minichino [Dem] 7,812
    Jim Fozman [Incumbent, GOP] 6,310
    Vicki Chadwick [GOP] 6,976
    Max Flores [ GOP] 6,718
    Neil Napolitano [GOP] 6,646

    Board of Education [Two three-year terms]
    Melita Gagliardi [Incumbent]  3,900
    Daisy Haffner [Incumbent] 3,853
    Joseph Aulisi Jr. 3,521
    John Barton 3,465
    Rob Canfield 2,588
    Cassidy Busa 1,805

    Borough Council [Two three-year terms]
    Robert Lamb [Incumbent, GOP] 513
    Michael Stogdill [Incumbent, GOP] 515

    Board of Education [Two three-year terms]
    William Beaver [Independent] 138
    Jarrod Grasso [Nonpartisan] 333

    Borough Council [Two three-year terms]
    Lynn O’Mealia [GOP]
    D’Arcy Rohan Green [GOP]

    Mayor [One four-year term]
    Paul Kanitra [Incumbent councilman, GOP] 1,101
    Lawrence Dooley [Democrat] 300

    Borough Council [Two three-year terms]
    Arlene Testa [GOP] 1,096
    Doug Vitale [GOP] 1,064
    Ernest Geiger [Democrat] 389

    Board of Education [Two three-year terms]
    Joyce Popaca [Incumbent] 770
    Sherry Finn [Nonpartisan] 815

    Borough Council [Two three-year terms]
    Joseph Furmato Jr. [Incumbent, GOP] 2,206
    Charlene Archer [GOP] 2,138
    Derek Reichenbecher [Dem] 1,048
    Mary Sadankas [Dem] 1,081

    Board of Education [Two three-year terms]
    Diane Peterson [Incumbent] 1,930
    Jacquelyn Wieland [Incumbent] 1,902

    Board of Chosen Freeholders [Two three-year terms]
    John P. “Jack” Kelly [Incumbent, GOP] 71,038
    Virginia Haines [Incumbent GOP]  70,744
    Jean Czarkowski [Dem]  35,721
    David T. Wright [Dem] 35,144
    Daniel Valentine [Libertarian] 2,067

    Sheriff [Three year-term]
    Michael Mastronardy [Incumbent GOP] 77, 220
    Gene Davis [Dem] 33,163

    New Jersey State Assembly
    10th Legislative District [Two two-year terms]
    Gregory McGuckin [Incumbent GOP] 29,543
    John Catalano [GOP] 28,731
    Eileen Della Volle [Dem] 17,229
    Erin Wheeler [Dem] 16,932
    Vincent Barrella [Independent] 779
    Ian Holmes [Independent] 628

    New Jersey State Assembly
    30th Legislative District [Two two-year terms]
    Point Pleasant Borough results
    Edward H. Thomson [Incumbent, GOP] 7,943
    Sean T. Kean [Incumbent, GOP] 8,256
    Steven Farkas [Dem] 2,596
    Yasin “Jason” Celik [Dem] 2,385
    Hank Schroeder [Independent] 220

    STATEWIDE BALLOT QUESTION: Amending the state constitution to extend the current $250-per-year property tax deduction for home-owning veterans to veterans who live in continuing care communities, provided they have served in the military “in time of war, or other emergency” and were honorably discharged.

    Yes 71,101
    No 30,991

    COUNTY BALLOT QUESTION: Shall the Ocean County Natural Lands Fund, which was approved and established by referendum in 1997 be expanded to permit use of the Trust Fund not only for open space preservation purposes and farmland preservation purposes, but also allow for the acquisition, development and maintenance of lands for recreational and Historic preservation purposes?

    Yes 55,642
    No 44,883

    LOCAL BALLOT QUESTION: The Board of Education of the Borough of Lavallette in the County of Ocean, New Jersey is authorized: (a) to undertake various renovations, alterations, improvements and upgrades at the Lavallette Elementary School, including acquisition and installation of fixtures, equipment and sitework; (b) to appropriate $2,200,000 for such purposes; and (c) to issue bonds of the school district to finance project in the principal amount of $2,200,000.

    The final eligible costs of the projects approved by the Commissioner of Education are $2,200,000. This project includes $0 for school facility construction elements in addition to the facilities efficiency standards developed by the Commissioner of Education or not otherwise eligible for State support pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:7G-5(g). The State debt service aid percentage will equal 40% of the annual debt service due with respect to the final eligible costs of the project. The Board of Education is authorized to transfer funds among the projects approved at this election.

    Yes 392
    No  206