All smiles at The Pig and Parrot


    After starting her career in bartending in a restaurant five years ago at the age of 18, Alex Savelli has continued crafting cocktails at different locations. Since landing a job at The Pig & Parrot in Brielle this past summer, she’s now at home in this Key West vibe, year-round vacation feel the bar brings to all. 


    The Pig & Parrot in Brielle opened in 2019 after the first Pig & Parrot location opened its doors in Hoboken in 2018. For Savelli the Hoboken location was where she first thought her career at The Pig & Parrot would take place. According to Savelli, her friend Tyroe works in magazines up in Hoboken and he introduced her to one of the owners of The Pig & Parrot back in October 2018. Savelli was going to start bartending in Hoboken, but after landing a new full time job and having an hour-long commute, it didn’t work out. 

    “I reached out to Tyroe again and said do you know anywhere that’s hiring?” shared Savelli. “He said, ‘The Pig and Parrot’ and I said you know I can’t commute there and he was like, ‘no Brielle,’ and I said wow, that’s amazing.

    “So I think 20 minutes after I texted him I stopped by here and Mike’s [owner] like, ‘Yeah, come back,’” she added. “So it really worked out well. It was great timing.”

    The great timing was just the start for Savelli because once she started working at The Pig & Parrot it became abundantly clear how happy she was working there. 

    “The people here are great,” she said. “All the regulars who come in like when I say it’s a really happy vibe, it really is, because it’s like summer all year round especially being on the water.” 

    According to Savelli, being right on the water also gives way to that summer feel all year long and looking out the windows at the view is simply happy.  Although Savelli has bartended at other places prior, there are certain attributes at The Pig & Parrot that stand out. 

    “Well, besides the customers, because when I say all the regulars … they’re so happy,” explained Savelli. “I know everything that’s going on in all of their lives and it’s great.” 

    “It’s really just great. So the customers are a big part of it,” she added. “The employees, it’s just such a good vibe that everybody’s happy to work here. 

    “And the respect that the managers give that they expect you to reciprocate like everybody is on the same level, which is what a lot of places lack,” said Savelli. “So that, it’s really like a big thing. Everybody holds you accountable, but more importantly you hold yourself accountable because you don’t want to lose the respect toward anybody. So that’s a really cool thing.”  


    Stop into The Pig and Parrot this fall for some delicious fall cocktails like the Bulleit Banger that Savelli shook up.The cocktail is perfect for the change of seasons and is made with Bulleit Bourbon, Chambord, orange juice and ginger ale served on the rocks. Guests can look forward to this drink and more on the fall cocktail menu. 

    In addition to the Bulleit Banger, Savelli shares a few other drinks she loves to make behind the bar. “Besides that I’m really simple, my drink of choice right now is a tequila lemonade,” she shared. “Gives me the worst hangovers, but you know what I love it, love making them, it’s simple, easy and freaking amazing. 

    “Besides that, I like sweet and sour, so here my favorite would be a Tropical Lemonade on the rocks, which is Absolut Citron, lemonade, a splash of mango syrup and a splash of strawberry syrup,” she added. “So good!” Guests can enjoy the Tropical Lemonade all year round either frozen or on the rocks.  

    Another fall favorite to look forward to at the Pig & Parrot is football season, which is already off to an awesome start. Savelli shared that she loves football season as well. She mentioned a previous Giants game she worked and how fun it was to interact with everybody and the game. 

    “It’s such a different setting than the summer,” explained Savelli. “So in the summer everybody just wants to party, they’re here for the live music, they don’t care what’s really on TV, but in this season I love the sports because it’s just such a different interaction and it’s great.” 

    The Pig and Parrot serves up great football specials for fans to enjoy along with 14 TVs to watch all the games on.The Pig & Parrot’s Football Program includes Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday features. Thursdays are Yuengs and Wings featuring $3 Pints and $5 Baskets of Wings, Saturdays and Sundays include 30 Wings for $28 and Mondays include $10 Burger and a Beer and $10 Nachos and a Beer [Miller Lite, Coors Light, Yuengling]. 

    Savelli definitely has a favorite special when it comes to football. “Yeah so we have a really good football special,” she shared. “My personal favorite because I love to eat is the 30 wings for $28,” she said with a laugh. “That’s my favorite.” 

    Savelli also mentioned that all the games are always on with amazing sound and that every time the Giants play or a preferred non-local team the bar does $5 shots. 

    When it comes to bartending, for Savelli her favorite part about the job is a toss-up between a couple of things. “I love the talking to people, but I also love the fast pace of it,” she explained. “Like I love when I’m running around like a chicken without my head and I’m just like I’m so in the zone and I’m just like, literally slinging drinks.” 

    “But then I also love when it’s slow and I can talk to Joe, I can talk to Dale and Danny,” she added while looking at her regulars around the bar. “Have that relationship.”

    Make sure to catch Savelli behind the bar on weekend nights to serve up killer drinks and plenty of smiles. “I think just like the employees is what really makes it a positive vibe,” she said. “Like a happy place always, but it’s just such, it’s beautiful out there.” 

    “There’s a lot of other places that have the same view, but here it’s just the people make it great,” she added. “The people really do make it great.”