Paint brush in hand, artists ‘turn the world off’

Artists Mary Ellen Savage (left) and Penny Davies, both of Point Pleasant Beach, work outdoors on their art work. [MARK SULLIVAN THE OCEAN STAR]

POINT PLEASANT BEACH-Two Point Pleasant Beach artists have discovered how to “turn the world off” for a few hours, every Thursday, and explore their shared passion for creating and experimenting with art in each other’s company.

While their personal lives differ — one a mother of three, and the other travels back and forth with her husband between Point Pleasant Beach and Salt Lake City, Utah — they have both found commonality in the relaxing power of art afternoons at the Band Shell. 

“We were just saying that we’re kindred spirits. We’re very similar. She’s great, and I look forward to her company and just having somebody else to talk about art with,” said Mary Ellen Savage, who has been spending the past few summer afternoons painting with Penny Davies. 

“Anybody can come. You don’t have to have that talent, you just have to have that brave spirit like, ‘What the heck let me get down there and check it out.’ Just bring your paints and something to paint on and just have fun,” she continued.  

Both are members of the Point Pleasant Beach Cultural Arts Committee and have been spearheading “Paint at the Band Shell” this past summer. The program, which has been running from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. every Thursday since summer began, was implemented in the borough to provide an open space for men, women and children to get out of their living spaces and get creative.

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