Jenkinson’s unveils new ‘Beacon of Promise’ mural

Barry Petersen [left], Jim Inzero, Jill Hawthorne and Alex Taylor in front of the new “Beacon of Promise” mural located on Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach. STEVE WEXLER THE OCEAN STAR

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — The inaugural Point Pleasant Beach mural was unveiled Monday night, manifested by a collaboration between the borough, local artists and Jenkinson’s Boardwalk.  

The mural, which can be found facing the parking lot at 701 Ocean Ave., is the first of many to come, according to Point Pleasant Beach Cultural Arts Committee member Jim Inzero. 

“The Beach is feeling accepted with what’s going on in our area with arts. We’re trying to slowly move forward in culture, bring culture to the Beach, and do something a little bit different, but also emphasize the architecture, too. It’s not just the art, but also the architecture,” said Mr. Inzero, who also shared that the next mural will be painted on the facade of Berritazza Cafe, located at 506 Arnold Ave. 

“The arts and summer painting attract a lot of people. Beachgoers and people who are vacationing here. It’s a process, and it’s going to take time, but I think with time we’re going to strategically select buildings that really emphasize the art and businesses as well.”’

Jill Hawthorne, of Chadwick Beach, was the muralist who created “Beacon of Promise,” named for its depiction of a red and white lighthouse shining a bright beacon of yellow light to guide a ship caught in undulating ocean waters to the shore. A waning sunset, painted with warm shades of red, orange, yellow and purple, illuminates the background of the scene. 

The artist painted across several windows on what was formerly Risden’s Beach and Bath House before it was purchased by Jenkinson’s. She said when the windows are opened, “it looks like sails are going.”

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