Fireworks moved to protect nesting birds

American Oystercatcher offspring and their parents have come to visit, and will remain safe this Fourth of July holiday. COURTESY OF DANNI LOGUE

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — Jenkinson’s “Fireworks at Dark” took place south of its original location on July 4 to ensure the safety of the endangered birds nesting on the beach.

The Thursday night fireworks were previously set off in the vicinity of Water Street, which is much closer to the nesting birds, according to Jenkinson’s Aquarium Director Cindy Claus. 

Before the first night of summer fireworks at the boardwalk was to take place on June 20, Jenkinson’s announced the fireworks display would be moved to the former Risden’s Beach area, which is south of the amusements. 

Ms. Claus said the state of New Jersey suggested moving the fireworks to a location further away from the nesting area so the thunderous sound of the display would not frighten the birds away.

“The loud booms of the fireworks could scare the birds into flying away and not returning. This could cause them to abandon their eggs and/or chicks,” Ms. Claus wrote in an email to The Ocean Star. 

“The Aquarium has been working closely with N.J. Division of Fish and Wildlife and Conserve Wildlife Foundation of N.J. to ensure the safety of these endangered birds since they showed up on the Jenkinson’s Beach. The state had made the suggestion that moving the fireworks further away would benefit the nesting birds.”

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