St. Peter students publish out-of-this-world stories

St. Peter School students Izzy Palumbo and [in blue] Brooke Bullock. look at the published book the 4th graders wrote abut the universe. [DANIELLA HEMINGHAUS]

POINT PLEASANT BEACH – Fourth-graders at St. Peter School have used their creative writing skills to publish their own book filled with stories about space.
Lori Scotto’s fourth-grade class has been learning about language arts and science throughout the course of the year.
The intersection of those two topics has culminated in “Twenty-Five Pieces of the Universe,” an anthology of their stories. The title represents how each of the 25 students in the class contributed to the book with their own story.
This is not the first time this bright group of students has been published. They went through this exercise a year ago with their first published anthology, “Rocket Time Travel with Mrs. Palazzo’s 3rd Grade Class.”
The young St. Peter School students have been able to gain an understanding of the inner workings of the publishing process thanks to Christine Waldeyer, who is the owner of Adanna Publications and has a son, Jonathan, who is a student in the class. Adanna Publications is a small literary press in its ninth year of operation and works with up-and-coming writers.
“With so much media and not as much book reading, this kind of helps them really appreciate what goes into making a book,” said Mrs. Waldeyer.
The students were involved in every part of the process, from writing the stories to editing and illustrating them.