Little Red Library’s 125-year legacy

Point Pleasant Beach Library staff, Matt Willbergh Branch Manager, Kruti Hennessy Library Assistant, and Margaret Greenan Principal Library Assistant were on hand at the Little Red Library 125th Anniversary Celebration. [STEVE WEXLER]

POINT PLEASANT BEACH— The Point Pleasant Beach Library, also known affectionately as the “Little Red Library,” celebrated 125 years of nurturing a love of reading in the local community last Thursday, June 6.

The library was founded in 1894 by two women who saw the need for a community library. Phoebe Curtis donated the building and property, and Emily D. Wood donated $500 in support of the project. Since then, the library has become a place for people of all ages to congregate and share a love of knowledge, all under the protection of one, little red roof.

“I’m humbled and honored to work here,” said Matt Willbergh, who is the branch manager of the library, which is a member of the Ocean County Library system. “We have all of these newspaper articles of people who have been regular library users for decades.This building has history, the people who have worked here over the years and served the community are known and are very important people in this community, so I’m just honored to be here, serving in this community, and working in this space.”

The library celebrated its 125th anniversary with food, beverages and live music played in its back room. People who volunteer or are regulars at the library were invited to enjoy an evening of conversation and celebration, which extended out into the library’s newly finished back patio and garden.