Brick Schools hold preschool lottery drawing do-over

A parent spoke during the second round drawing of the names of students accepted into the public preschool program. ]DANIELLA HEMINGHAIUS]

BRICK TOWNSHIP —“Bingo!” a parent whispered, celebrating after his child’s number was called out at Monday night’s public preschool lottery drawing do-over. The crowded, impromptu drawing was held after the results of the first lottery were voided due to a procedural issue.

The long night continued on in the darkness of Brick Township High School’s auditorium after the power went out nearly halfway through the process. A total of 367 children were eligible to gain entry into the program, with room for only 150 students in the inaugural year of Brick Schools’ preschool program, provided by a $1.9 million grant from the state exclusively for the program.

Hundreds of parents, cheekily incredulous at the situation they found themselves in, waited to hear if their child would be admitted, or readmitted, into the program.

The lottery was originally held on April 15, when 150 students were selected into the program randomly. However it was later discovered that one application had been left out of the first drawing, leading to the discovery of many similar applications.

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