Wall schools superintendent to exit in July 2020

Wall Superintendent of Schools Cheryl Dyer announced that she plans to retire on July 1, 2020.

WALL TOWNSHIP – Superintendent of Schools Cheryl Dyer, facing withering criticism and recent no-confidence votes from both of the district’s staff unions, announced at Tuesday’s board meeting that she will retire on July 1, 2020, when her current contract expires.

“I am looking forward through the coming year to working with all of you, the administration and the staff of Wall whom I continue to have confidence in,” Ms. Dyer told the board.

The board members did not comment on Ms. Dyer’s retirement announcement during the meeting, but union members criticized her for what they said was a lack of leadership.

Christine Steitz, a member of the WIS PTO, said, “I really hope that we all are going to be moving forward, and the members of the board all do some good self-reflection on whether you are prepared or not to represent the public, our administrators and educators, because we’ve gone pretty far off track here. I really hope we get back on track again because that’s what Wall Township deserves.”

On Wednesday, board president Allison Connolly said the retirement announcement was unexpected and the board has not had an opportunity to discuss its options regarding the search for a new schools chief but will do so in the coming weeks.

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