While iPlay America will always provide a fun and family-friendly environment for its’ clientele, there is nightlife for those ages 21 and over to enjoy as well. With the addition of a Top Golf Swing Suite, there is now another reason for the over 21 community to flock to iPlay and enjoy sipping cocktails and swinging golf clubs.


After a soft opening in April and a grand opening early this month, iPlay America announced the launch of their newest venture under the roof of their indoor Jersey Shore amusement park, which is none other than the Top Golf Swing Suite.

“So, yeah, it’s something that still stays in line with what our mission is, to be a great place for families to come, but we wanted to be a great place for people 21 to 35 that don’t have kids or any age really,” said Jessica Schwartz, VP of Sales and Marketing.

“But 21 to 35, that scene where there’s so many people that live in this area and go to Asbury or go to the shore, and that’s great and they should, but if they’re looking for something different to do, they don’t want to drive there or they’re over in that area and it’s getting congested over the summer, they could come here and feel that it’s a place for them.”

Schwartz shared that one of the difficulties iPlay America faces as a business is to be able to set an adult vibe because when people hear iPlay America they often think kids.

“So being able to really build this Top Golf Swing Suite brand is going to not only elevate the adult experience, but is also going to elevate the restaurant,” said Schwartz.

The restaurant she referenced is Game Time Bar & Grill at iPlay America. The hope is that people will begin to think of it more as a place for people to come and eat and play as opposed to people just thinking it’s a kids place and a restaurant inside iPlay America.

According to Schwartz, she feels the benefit of iPlay is also the fact that if you do want that experience you can get that as well. No matter the age, she admits that the birthday party goers love laser tag, playing skeeball and more.

“I guess you’re only as old as you think you are,” she said, adding that she’s had birthday parties for 70-year-olds in the amusement park at iPlay America.

“So I think that’s the nice part about it, like our adult parties you can incorporate Top Golf for an hour and it’s a package and you also get a park package with it as well and there’s four different packages that you can choose from,” said Schwartz. “So there’s a food package, a park package and then you can choose to add Top Golf. The gaming package includes unlimited pool, unlimited non-redemption video games, all of those types of things.”


After iPlay America was approached by Top Golf the thought went to where it would be put. That’s when the decision was made to eliminate iPlay’s smaller banquet rooms, according to Schwartz.

The change seemed to make sense for the business since their focus wasn’t really banquets. “We have the events center, our focus is really on doing large-scale events for companies and smaller events, but not banquets,” said Schwartz. “We have so much more to offer to a business or organization than your typical banquet.”

During the renovation a bar was added to the area in which the Top Golf Swing Suite is located to ensure there was a bar within the Top Golf space, shared Schwartz. There is also another bar that is not too far from the Top Golf space so if the bar is really crazy patrons can walk down to the other or vice versa.

The Top Golf and bar areas are also quite separate from the amusement park area, where all the kids are, which makes the over 21 feel in certain areas easier to attain.

Another positive for the Top Golf Swing Suite and iPlay America as a whole is a lack of weather dependency. You won’t ever have to worry about a party being cancelled because of rain since everything the business has to offer is indoors.

“And you get the outdoor feel indoors,” shared Schwartz. “If you’re going to go into the park, it has a feeling like you’re outdoors, but you’re indoors. We say ‘the Jersey Shore Indoors,’ that’s kind of how we are.

“And same thing here [Top Golf area]. It’s not dependent on weather for the party giver. Sometimes our business gets a little dependent on weather, unfortunately, but it’s really great.”

In the Top Golf Swing Suite there are six unique bays with game simulators including golf, hockey, dodgeball, baseball and football. There is also lounge seating, full food and beverage service and much more.

You can reserve a bay for up to eight people on your own. Parties of up to 44 people can be booked through their Top Golf Swing Suite Reservation Specialist and over 50 people goes up to the Corporate Sales Department.

In addition, Schwartz shared they will offer full rentals for company outings, corporate team building or whatever the company wishes to do. It’s a four-hour time slot available Monday through Friday during the day and then Monday through Thursday at night. You can also add Top Golf to any adult party, which is the most economical way to experience TopGolf with a large group, according to Schwartz.

TopGolf can also be added to any of the team building packages in the park.

“I think I’m looking forward to having something to really elevate our brand,” said Schwartz in response to what she’s most looking forward to with the addition of TopGolf.


Every Friday night iPlay America holds a Block Party, which is for those 21 and over. This is another avenue they really want to build, shared Schwartz.

“We’ve struggled a little bit in building that night,” explained Schwartz. “I think because we didn’t have something like this [Top Golf] to offer people, but now that we do to bring that more over here.

“We have a live DJ every Friday night. We do a country version once a month where we have Thunder 106 come out and there’s a country DJ playing country music and stuff like that, Line Dancing in City Square.

“But the Friday night is when you’re going to get that all-adult-only experience that you know that there’s going to be no kids allowed, she added. “And I think that’s going to be really advantageous to a lot of people’s experience.”


Game Time Bar & Grill welcomed a new executive chef, Adam Livow, to its team and he is really revamping the entire Game Time menu.

“Everything is prepared from scratch in house,” shared Schwartz. “I mean, the mac and cheese bites, he’s literally making the mac and cheese. Everything is freshly prepared.

“He’s a really big believer in that. So I can’t be more thankful for that. We have a true executive chef. He doesn’t want to take the shortcuts of buying the prepackaged stuff.”

While doing everything from scratch is more cost effective it is also much more time consuming, but Livow doesn’t mind.

“So you need someone who’s dedicated and really wants to do that,” she added. “And Adam is top notch with that and he is creative.”

According to a press release from iPlay America about the new executive chef, guests can expect to see updated versions of their favorite classic dishes on the new gastropub menu at Game Time Bar & Grill.

The new menu will feature elevated comfort foods made from scratch on-premise, including pork belly smoked and cured in-house, freshly ground burgers and flatbreads with house-prepared dough, the press release also stated.

“Over the years, iPlay America has become a destination for entertainment, games, events and fun in New Jersey. With our new menus, we’re now looking to establish the restaurant and Event Center as a true dining destination in the area,” said Livow. “New Jersey has a great food scene, and diners have come to expect quality food with an exciting flair, no matter whether they’re stopping at a fast-casual spot for a quick bite or celebrating at a fine dining restaurant.

“With the new menu at Game Time Bar & Grill, we’ll be offering guests quality and delicious versions of familiar favorites, with a twist. This, coupled with the fact that menu items are available at a price point that won’t break the bank, makes the restaurant itself a draw for a family meal or a friends’ night out.”