Mayor Ducey stumbles into Twitter flap

Mayor John Ducey at a Township Council meeting in March. [DANIELLA HEMINGHAUS | THE OCEAN STAR]

BRICK TOWNSHIP — Mayor John Ducey found himself at the center of a Twitter controversy this week when his response to an anti-Semitic tweet was determined to be inappropriate by myriad online users.

On Wednesday morning, the mayor told The Ocean Star he will be reconsidering the way he conducts himself online.

“Seeing how Twitter/social media can become an out-of- control storm I will be reassessing how I respond and for one, be more specific with words, using full words rather than general such as ‘they’ will send park security out’ rather than ‘them.’

“Secondly I have changed my philosophy on answering every tweet.

“A resident tweeted me a question about our parks that was definitely anti-Semitic. Rather than address his bigotry I instead gave him the proper protocol on what to do if he saw a problem at one of our parks, which is to call the police to send park security out. No call occurred because apparently there was no real problem taking place. The conversation then turned against me as I was not doing anything and laws need to be changed. The change of his focus was a goal of mine.”

An account that has since been deleted tweeted at Mayor Ducey on Tuesday, asking him, “Can we please do something about our parks and beaches. They are being invaded by hasidic and orthodox jews and being ruined. Our tax paying residents are being forced out while politicians sit and do nothing.”

The mayor, who has in the past had a general policy of replying to all tweets directed at him, responded, tweeting back, “Our parks security has started already. Just call police with any problems and they will send them out.”

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