Antrim students’ Kindness project gets support from local nonprofit

Antrim students took part in an apparel fundraiser organized by Claire Farber, who founded Human BEing ManKind to spread the joy that comes with being kind. [PHOTO BY KAITLYN NJOROGE]

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — The founder of a new local community organization known as Human BEing ManKIND donated 50 percent of the profits from its recent apparel fundraiser to the students at Antrim Elementary on Monday, April 8, all in the name of teaching children about the power of kindness.

The profits, which amounted to $75, will go toward the 8th grade’s Kindness project with a portion of the funds possibly donated to a charity of the younger grades’ choice.

“Part of the idea is that you teach by doing,” said Claire Farber, the local resident who founded Human BEing ManKind with the long-term goal of spreading the inherent joy that comes with being kind.

“It’s not just telling kids ‘yeah, we’re doing something nice.’ They do it and they get to experience the wonderful feeling.

“There are many studies that show that if I give you $5 to spend on yourself and I give someone else $5 and they have to spend it on someone else, the people that spend it on other people are actually happier. When you track it, people that are kinder are actually happier.

“This is what I want the kids to learn, and hopefully that ripples. They’ll learn at a young age how good it feels to be kind, they’ll do more kind things and eventually they’ll have a kinder community.”

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