Wall residents complain of landfill odors from Tinton Falls


WALL TOWNSHIP –Bad odors from the county landfill are getting worse, several residents told the township committee at its March 27 meeting.

“In the morning I walked outside and literally gagged, going to my car,” resident Cynthia Dwyer said. “It is becoming more pervasive in Wall.”

County officials say a project ongoing at the landfill in Tinton Falls is expected to lessen odors noticeably by summer.

“Please know that even though we are proud of the progress we are making, we know that the odor is an ongoing issue and we will not stop working until we eliminate it,” Monmouth County Freeholder Director Thomas A.  Arnone said in an email last week.

A methane-gas collection system at the landfill uses wells and pipes to extract methane gas from the landfill and convert it to electricity.

In March, the county began drilling 40 new extraction wells that will enable the collection of more leachate and methane gas at the landfill, Mr. Arnone said. To date, 36 of the wells have been drilled, and the rest are to be completed this week, weather permitting.  

When the current project is finished, it is expected that the amount of gas collected will double, and more than 30,000 gallons of leachate will be pumped out and hauled off-site. 

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