Beach to put bite in plastic bag ban

Mayor Stephen Reid has won the endorsement of the Point Pleasant Brach Regulr Repulicans for re-election as mayor buy is being challenged by Cpuncilman Paul Kanitra. [fILE PHOTO THE OCEAN STAR]

POINT PLEASANT BEACH -— Borough businesses will be receiving a reminder of the necessity to comply with the ban on single-use plastic bags adopted by the borough council last year.

Members of the Point Pleasant Beach Environmental Commission discussed a lack of compliance with the ban at the March 12 meeting. According to commission members, a reminder to the business community about the ban and the need to comply with the new law was expected to be sent last year, but has been delayed.

“I confirmed a couple of weeks ago that indeed we [the council] have not sent out anything official to any of the businesses in town,” said Councilman Paul Kanitra, council liaison to the Environmental Commission.

Mayor Stephen Reid confirmed Wednesday that a letter would be sent in the upcoming week to remind business owners of their responsibility to comply with the ordinance — or face fines for failing to comply with the law.

“We passed an ordinance that was basically a voluntary plastic bag ban, it worked very well,” said Mayor Reid. “There are still some businesses who have not taken the proper steps … I will be sending out a letter telling them that we will be putting teeth into the ordinance, and if they do not cooperate there will be fines.”