Waterman's Tavern Steakhouse (c) Jamie Christian Photography

For this family of brands that is passionate about creating new businesses, adding another gathering place to the mix seemed to be a natural progression. A year in the making, Waterman’s Tavern proudly opened its doors to the Brielle community, the same community that is already home to the brand’s other establishments.


“We started with Hoffman’s Marina East, which is one of the oldest marinas in the country, and then expanded to Hoffman’s Marina West, formerly the Brielle Marine Basin,” said owner Larry Grafas. “We then acquired Union Landing Restaurant and Marina, now rebranded as Waypoint 622, bringing new and exciting destinations to the area.”

“Shortly after, we obtained Eloise’s Café, currently known as River Café, and after major renovations opened a breakfast and lunch destination while keeping customer favorites on our menu.”

According to Grafas, the goal in opening Waterman’s Tavern, which is the building that formerly housed Simko’s Bar and Grill, is to bring yet another dynamic option to the area. For Grafas, the concept behind the new establishment derived from wanting to add fine dining to their repertoire.

“Adding to River Café, which serves breakfast and lunch, and Waypoint 622, which offers lunch and dinner, we wanted to provide locals and guests the opportunity for fine dining, which hadn’t been established in our restaurants,” he said. “We now offer something for everyone at each of our restaurants which comprises a different feel, presenting a different atmosphere, to our customers in each location.”

Not only does Waterman’s Tavern bring a new type of dining and ambiance to the brand’s restaurants, it also offers guests two different dining experiences under one roof.

“… at Waterman’s, we’ve brought two different dining experiences together – our customers can sit in our newly renovated Tavern with our 40-seat bar and order specialty pizzas, salads and burgers including bison sliders and a signature dry aged burger, or dine in the Steakhouse for the finest dry aged selections of beef paired with some of the finest wines found in the area, including some last-run vintage bottles.”

Since we aim to cater to all of our guests, at each location we offer a wide range of gluten-free and vegetarian options.”


As a result of Waterman’s Tavern offering different dining experiences under one roof, the design process for the interior was broken down room by room with utmost attention to detail.

“Our management team worked together to curate each room individually at Waterman’s Tavern,” said Grafas. “The bar was carefully designed to seat 40 people, and the steakhouse was created to make a comfortable environment for the ultimate dining experience.

“We have three private rooms for parties and events, including our Acacia Room, which provides a warm and sophisticated feel, complete with a built-in fireplace, dual chandeliers and a natural table cut from an Acacia tree, which originated in Thailand.”

Waterman’s Tavern Acacia Room (c) Jamie Christian Photography


Adhering to their goal of offering something for everyone, Waterman’s Tavern’s multiple rooms and dining experiences ultimately result in multiple menus as well.

“… We want to cater to singles as well as families, residents of the town as well as visitors, and guests of all ages,” said Grafas. “We want to guarantee that each customer has a variety of options to choose from, which is why it is so important for us to make sure that we offer multiple gluten-free and vegetarian options in addition to our regular menu items.”

Waterman’s Tavern Seafood Tower (c) Waterman’s Tavern

The tavern can be perfect for a quick lunch or drinks and appetizers and more, while the steakhouse can provide guests a more elegant dining experience that solely dinners.

“In our tavern, our guests can simply come in and order a burger, salad, specialty pizzas and a beer or cocktail, along with a variety of additional items; or in our steakhouse, our guests can enjoy a full fine dining experience filled with offerings including our seafood tower, piled high with king crab legs, oysters, shrimp and lobster tails; our specialty authentic A-5 Japanese wagyu, the highest grade of wagyu beef; or our 45-day, dry-aged, 42 oz. porterhouse,” explained Grafas.

The steakhouse end of the establishment sets itself apart from other steakhouses in the area starting with the finest ingredients and menu selections.

“We serve only the finest cuts of dry-aged beef, including our authentic Japanese wagyu,” he added. “Our lunch, dinner and cocktail offerings are prepared by award-winning chefs and mixologists who spend much of their time working to carefully curate new and exciting items that appeal to our visitors, made with bold flavors from the freshest ingredients.”

With a menu that boasts a plethora of delectable dishes, customers have already gravitated toward some noteworthy favorites from the menu.

Waterman’s Tavern Merlot Braised Short Rib (c) Waterman’s Tavern

“Some of our customer favorites include our Merlot braised short rib which falls off the bone; our classic take on a prime cut, grass fed filet mignon, topped with a generous helping of cabernet butter; our chateaubriand for two [sliced tableside]; and a variety of signature sides including our layered sweet and Idaho potato medley,” shared Grafas.

In addition to offering meals suited for everyone, the menu items will be carefully crafted and will change along with the seasons to allow guests to continually enjoy new menu items.

“Just as we do at River Café and Waypoint 622, Waterman’s Tavern will consist of an ever-changing menu to provide new meals to enjoy,” he said. “Our chefs and mixologists love to discover new flavorful creations to bring a fresh look and feel to our restaurant.”

“Our specialty drinks, lunches and dinners will alter with each season, providing new options for everyone who dines with us.”


Whether you prefer the atmosphere of the bar and menu at Waterman’s Tavern or decide on an elegant dining experience in its steakhouse, the establishment is sure to please each and every guest.

“Our response thus far has been incredible and we have a great staff working with us,” said Grafas. “Our goal is to provide delectable meals, enticing cocktails, best-in-class service and a warm and sophisticated atmosphere for all of our guests, as we aim to provide an exceptional dining experience.”

Waterman’s Tavern Cocktails (c) Waterman’s Tavern