Spring Lake’s Third Avenue is lined with chic boutiques, tempting chocolate shops, inviting eateries and many more local businesses. Upon entering 1321 Third Ave., Spring Lake, guests will not be surprised to step inside a restaurant that offers breakfast, brunch and dinners on certain nights, but they may notice that something is different. The difference is that there’s a new kitchen in this location, A.M. Kitchen, to be precise.


A.M. Kitchen opened Dec. 13 and just two days later announced its official grand opening on Dec. 15. Everything came together rather quickly for Spring Lake’s newest restaurant, which has made its home — and is making a name for itself — at the location previously belonging to Ray’s Cafe’s Spring Lake location.

According to Brendan Roberts, owner of A.M. Kitchen, structurally there wasn’t much that needed to be done to the interior, but the new team wanted to put their own touch on the space with lighting, paint, floors and decor.

From closing on the property to opening to the public, the timeline was a mere couple of weeks, but the concept was already firmly in existence.

“Lou, my business partner, has had this idea in his head of creating this upscale cafe, lunch spot and when this location came about he brought it to my attention and he said, ‘What do you think?,’ said Roberts. “And I said you know what? Let’s go for it! So that’s how it came about.”

Roberts’ partner is also the man behind the name and menu, A.M. Kitchen is a morning kitchen, but that doesn’t mean post-morning options won’t be available. With A.M. Kitchen opening for dinner, Roberts shared that on their social media the message will be: “A.M.’s going P.M., come join us for dinner.”

And the sky’s the limit for A.M. Kitchen, which may open its doors at other locations in the future. Although A.M. Kitchen’s only been open for a short time, the community has already embraced the new eatery.

“Everyone in town’s been very — they were very supportive of Ray,” shared Roberts. “They’ve all so far expressed their support for me. I think it’s the location.

“Everyone supports this community and it’s important to have these places in the town.”


The menu starts off with a good morning section, breakfast bowls, chef choices, A.M. omelette station, from the griddle options, breakfast sandwiches, benedicts and more. The menu offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

“I’m just a believer that if you have a table for four, one person might have some dietary needs,” said Roberts. “And we’ve gotten rave reviews on our vegan options.

“The Vegan French Toast … anyone who’s vegan who’s walked in and had the Vegan French Toast has stopped me on the way out to tell me how good it was.”

Other breakfast menu items to note include the Avocado Toast, Rosco’s Chicken and Waffle, Frittatas, Huevos Rancheros and more. The menu continues with house prepared soups, starters and salads followed by a wide array of sandwich and burger options and of course a kids menu.

Offering options for everyone is of utmost importance to Roberts who expressed they have a Vegan food distributor and will be showcasing different specials every week in an attempt to offer more of a variety of vegan options for guests.

A.M. Kitchen is currently open daily from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. with evening hours that extend to 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Whether you stop in for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, the type of dish you choose is entirely up to you as the full menu is always offered to guests.

“The dinner will be the full menu, both breakfast and lunch and then we’ll have three or four specials every night, you know, a steak or seafood,” explained Roberts. “But I was a big fan of pancakes for dinner on a Friday night when I was a kid.”

Guests can also look forward to two-for-one burgers on Friday and Saturday nights, which, according to Roberts, will be offered for the foreseeable future in the winter. Two-for-one entrees at dinnertime this winter will also be available.

“We really want to become part of the neighborhood,” shared Roberts. “And we want people to know they’re going to have a nice meal option and they’re not going to get hit over the head with a price and it’s bring your own.”