Mixing cocktails, making friendships at Frankie’s


    Ava Kuhn had two prior bartending gigs before she found herself at Frankie’s Bar & Grill in downtown Point Pleasant Beach. Five years later, the local community and family feel among the staff keep Kuhn smiling from behind the bar five days a week.


    According to Kuhn, what ultimately led her to land a job at Frankie’s was a combination of her cousin having worked there years prior as well as conversations among friends in which they mentioned going to the bar and grill and enjoying the food so much.

    Once Kuhn found herself behind the bar at Frankie’s, it was clear she had found herself at home.

    “The people that I work with are great,” she said. “I mean, this is going to sound corny, but we’re like a family.

    “I hang out with them a lot even outside of here, which is nice. Even the people I work for are great.”

    In addition to the people Kuhn works for and alongside, she thoroughly enjoys the customers and communication of the job as well.

    “I like talking to people,” she said as her favorite part of bartending. “And it’s a local place, so it’s a lot of the same faces and so that’s nice.”

    Those faces become regular customers and budding friendships.

    “… You just build friendships with them [customers]”, she said. “I talk to a lot of them outside of here.”


    Kuhn was no stranger to bartending, her prior experience had her crafting cocktails and serving drinks, but the addition of a grill behind the bar was certainly a new concept.

    “I got nervous at first, but now, I mean, I love it and it makes me cook more at home like before I would just make a grilled cheese and now I’m actually venturing out,’ said Kuhn. “It’s different because not a lot of places have it, so it is nice.”

    In terms of crafting cocktails, Frankie’s Bar & Grill offers a full beer, wine and cocktail menu for patrons to choose from. While the cocktail menu is expansive, Kuhn’s favorite cocktail is none other than the Moscow Mule.

    “I like those,” she said. “I feel like it’s more trendy now.” The key to concocting the perfect Moscow Mule starts from the base up with a copper mug. After the ice is added into the mug, the rest of the drink ingredients are fresh and simple.

    Kuhn pours Stolichnaya vodka into the mug and then adds ginger beer, fresh lime juice and garnishes with a lime wedge.

    Stop into Frankie’s throughout the week to catch Kuhn behind the bar serving up drinks and dishes paired with a warm smile and friendly conversation.