Proceeds from Patio Palooza donated to Mary’s Place

Beth Sarre [from left] and Clare Freda, both of Mary’s Place, as well as Mike Dalton, of the Mike Dalton Band, came together with Michele Gannon, of Mary’s Place, and Bob Cooper, Jaque Higgins and Kim Scarpati, of Chefs International, for the donation of $12,000 raised through Patio Palooza to Mary’s Place by the Sea on Monday, Nov. 12. [PHOTO BY STEVE WEXLER]

An end-of-summer celebration raised thousands of dollars to support women undergoing treatment for cancer.

Patio Palooza, held annually at Jack Baker’s Wharfside Patio Bar, brings together local bands to play the patio bar and raise funds for a local charity “dear to the performers.” This year, the beneficiary is Mary’s Place by the Sea in Ocean Grove.

“It’s a wonderful place that does so much good for women with cancer, and it’s something that is very close to my heart as well as many others involved in the project,” said Mike Dalton, of The Mike Dalton Band, who helped launch the fundraiser in 2010. 

For the second year in a row, Patio Palooza raised over $10,000 for Mary’s Place by the Sea, donating $12,000 to the nonprofit Monday, Nov. 12. With the latest donation coming, a big change is on the way for the Ocean Grove-based nonprofit.

“This donation will allow us to add heating to our attic, giving us the opportunity to create a unique space for our guests’ yoga and meditation sessions. We have outgrown our current space and are excited to have more room for these classes, which are in high demand at Mary’s Place,” said Kara Grimes, director of communications at Mary’s Place by the Sea.

Not only does Patio Palooza at Jack Baker’s raise funds for worthy causes year after year, it also provides an extra taste of summer after Labor Day.

Held on the second Wednesday in September every year, “Patio Palooza is an event held each year in September celebrating the end of the summer season with live music and entertainment from more than 20 local bands,” said Kim Scarpati, director of marketing for Chefs International, which operates the Patio Bar.

Bob Cooper, president of Chefs International, added, “Patio Palooza is the highlight of our year at The Wharfside. So many local people come out to see all of the talent come together on one stage for one night each year, to do it for a good cause makes it even better. Most of these musicians, who perform for free don’t get the chance to see each other play because they are busy all summer long. We are grateful to be a part of such a great event.”

According to Mr. Dalton, the spirit of the event has maintained the camaraderie among musicians over the eight years that it has been running.

“Mike Dalton had been at Wharfside Patio Bar listening to his friend Jamie Brown play, and got up on stage with him to jam on a couple of songs. Manager, Mark DuBois was talking to Mike afterward and said he had enjoyed that camaraderie between the musicians, and would like to see more of it.

“They decided it would be a fun idea to have a full night of that, incorporating all the Patio bands. Patio Palooza was born,” said Ms. Scarpati.

Mr. Dalton said, “I’m proud and honored to be part of something as special and helpful as Patio Palooza, and I thank Wharfside Patio and Chefs International for allowing me to do it year after year.”

Mary’s Place by the Sea, on Main Avenue in Ocean Grove, is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting women who have been diagnosed with cancer. Guests are provided with unconditional care at no cost to them. It is the mission of Mary’s Place by the Sea to give women with cancer a place to rest and recuperate during and after cancer treatments. Some of the services offered to guests are oncology massage, nutrition education, guided meditation, yoga, expressive writing, counseling, and more.

Chefs International is hoping the timing of the donation, near the charity’s Giving Tuesday, will help promote additional donations from the community.

The annual Season of Giving will kick off on Tuesday, Nov. 27, with a goal of raising $50,000 in just 24 hours.