Mayor-elect Walsifer and Republicans won big in Belmar

Belmar Mayor-elect Mark Walsifer is flanked by victorious Republican council candidates Pat Wann [left] and James McCracken. COURTESY OF MARK WALSIFER

BELMAR — Borough voters swept a Democratic mayor and two Democratic council members from office Tuesday, electing Republican Mark Walsifer as mayor and two Republicans to the borough council.

The upheaval appeared to stun Mayor Brian Magovern, who was still declining to comment on his defeat on Wednesday. It also put Republicans in complete charge of borough governance.

“I want to thank the voters,” Councilman Walsifer said. “That is what is important — that people went out and voted and I am humbled that they chose to vote for me.”

Of the 2,579 votes were cast in the race for mayor, Councilman Walsifer received 1,393 votes, 54.01 percent; Mayor Magovern received 1,186 votes, 45.99 percent, according to the Monmouth County Board of Elections.

Republican challengers Pat Wann and James McCracken also defeated their Democratic opponents, council incumbents Jennifer Nicolay and Mark Levis.

As a result, Mayor-elect Walsifer said a Republican will now be appointed to complete the rest of his council term, leaving Tom Brennan as the lone Democrat on the governing body.

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