ELECTION RESULTS — Council races are tight in Point Pleasant Beach and Lavallette

Team Point Pleasant council members William Bporowski, Antoinette DePaola and Mayor Robert Sabosik were joined by former mayor Martin Konkus to celebrate their election night victory; [PHOTO BY STEVE WEXLER]

With mail-in ballots still to be tallied the results of council races in Point Pleasant Beach and Lavallette remained tentative Tuesday evening, with 100 votes separating Democratic challenger Don Rodgers from incumbent Republican Councilman Robert Santanello.

In Lavallette just 78 votes separated challenger Matt Schlosser, an independent, and incumbent Republican Councilwoman Joanne Filippone.

In Brick, the much-anticipated $12.5 million school security referendum failed to gain the approval of voters by a slim margin of roughly 600 votes. A similar referendum gained the approval of voters in Point Pleasant Borough by 112 votes.

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With no Democratic challenger on the ballot, Republican incumbent Diane Cornell secured election to her first full council term, while running mate Dennis Shaning secured election to his first term on the dais.

BAY HEAD BOROUGH COUNCIL [Two seats, three-year terms]

Diane Cornell, Republican incumbent — 358

Dennis Shaning, Republican — 326

Newcomer Eric Pritchard won election to his first term on the school board, while incumbent member Sandra Antognoli will begin her fourth term on the board.

BAY HEAD BOARD OF EDUCATION [Two seats, three-year terms]

Sandra Antognoli, incumbent — 277

Eric Pritchard — 286

Stephanie Wohlrab and Victoria Pakala kept their seats on the Brick Township Public Schools Board of Education and newcomer Nicole Siebert was elected to her first term on the board. The three ran jointly under the slogan Believe in Brick.

By a slim margin, voters rejected a plan to fund $12.5 million worth of security enhancements to all 12 schools in the district. 

BRICK TOWNSHIP BOARD OF EDUCATION [Three seats, three-year terms]

Joseph Aulisi, write-in — total write-in votes cast 1,388

John Barton — 6,299

Robert Canfield — 6,421

Victoria Pakala, Incumbent — 9,799

Nicole Siebert — 10, 509

Stephanie Wohlrab, Incumbent — 8, 976

Edward Young — 4, 891

Referendum question on funding for facility upgrades, security measures

Yes — 10, 615

No — 11, 290

Walter LaCicero was re-elected as mayor in Lavallette, drawing a whopping 99.17 percent of votes in the uncontested election

LAVALLETTE MAYOR [Four-year term]

Walter LaCicero, Incumbent Republican — 719

As the polls closed, newcomer Matthew Schlosser, was within 78 votes of tying incumbent Councilwoman Joanne Filippone with mail-in ballots yet to be tallied Tuesday evening. 

LAVALLETTE BOROUGH COUNCIL [Two seats, three-year terms]

James Borowski, Incumbent Republican — 658

Joanne Filippone, Incumbent Republican — 467

Matthew Schlosser, Independent — 389

LAVALLETTE BOARD OF EDUCATION [Two seats, three-year terms]

Elizabeth D’Aloisio, Incumbent — 465

Michael Valeri, Incumbent — 439

Lance White has officially been elected mayor of the borough. Steve Gillingham and Bradford Batcha secured seats on the borough council. Both races were uncontested.

MANTOLOKING MAYOR [Four-year term]

Lance White, Incumbent Republican [council] — 119

MANTOLOKING BOROUGH COUNCIL [Two seats, three-year terms]

Steve Gillingham, Republican — 114

Bradford Batcha, Republican — 111

With mail-in ballots yet to be tallied, Incumbent Republican Councilman Robert Santanello and Councilman Andy Cortes appeared to have held off a challenge by Democratic candidates.

POINT PLEASANT BEACH BOROUGH COUNCIL [Two seats, three-year terms]

Georgia Cassidy, Democrat — 789

Andy Cortes, Incumbent Republican — 973

Don Rodgers, Democrat — 845

Robert Santanello, Incumbent Republican — 945

 Incumbent Jim Ireland and newcomer Stacey McGlinchy ran uncontested, pulling in 995 and 943 votes respectively.


James Ireland, Incumbent — 995

Stacey McGlinchy — 943

Republican Mayor Robert A. Sabosik, who ran unopposed, won a second term.


Robert A. Sabosik, Incumbent Republican — 5,942

Republican incumbent council members retained their seats against a Democratic challenge. Council members William Borowsky and Antoinette DePaola, secured their third and fourth terms, respectively.

POINT PLEASANT BOROUGH COUNCIL [Two seats, three-year terms]

William Borowsky, Incumbent Republican — 4715

Antoinette DePaola, Incumbent Republican — 4,618

Paul Caliendo, Democrat — 2,763

Sarah Reichenbecher, Democrat — 2,620

 Incumbent board members Lawrence William and William Munn will be joined on the dais by newcomer John Florio.


Lawrence Williams, Incumbent — 4, 068

William Munn, Incumbent — 3,955

John Florio — 3,857

Voters approved an additional $198,000 to provide four full-time police officers to provide security at the four district schools during the school day. Voters were split on the ballot question, with just 112 votes separating the “yes” or “no” tally.

Referendum question on funding for school security

Yes — 3,498

No — 3,386