Teams announced for first cross-inlet Tug of War Oct. 20

Geoff Brown [right, center of circle] met with several captains and borough officials from both Manasquan and Point Pleasant Beach to discuss updates on the Intercoastal Tug of War. PHOTO BY ALLISON PERRINE

MANASQUAN — Teams and captains for the first Manasquan Inlet Intercoastal Tug of War sponsored by Jersey Mike’s Subs between Manasquan and Point Pleasant Beach on Oct. 20 will represent teachers; high school football programs; police, fire and EMT personnel; gyms; lifeguards; and radio stations.

Captains for the Manasquan teams are: Jay Price [Manasquan High School Football]; Andy Manser [Teachers]; Johne Ringo [Police, Fire and EMTs]; Jimmy Walsh [Lifeguards]; Mike Stehle [Gyms]; and Matt Ryan [Radio Stations].

Captains for the Point Pleasant Beach teams are: Jeff Bower [Point Pleasant Beach High School Football]; Mike McGee [Teachers]; Dan Myles [Police, Fire and EMTs]; Brian Grainer [Lifeguards]; Corey MacGregor [Gyms]; and Andy Chase [Radio Stations].

Geoff Brown, a Manasquan Recreation Commission volunteer coordinating the event, led a captains’ meeting on Tuesday.

He said the Oct. 20 event will be modeled on a similar competition held in Annapolis, Maryland.

There will be 1,200 feet of rope in the tug — two 600-foot pieces of rope with a galvanized “O-ring” in the middle, which people on marine boats will connect in the middle of the inlet before each “heat,” meaning each tug.

Manasquan teams will line 25 team members down First Avenue, and 25 team members in Point Pleasant Beach will line down Ocean Avenue for their tugs — forming a continuous straight line across the inlet.

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