Greenbriar I residents mull possible class action lawsuit

Emergency responders evacuated Greenbriar residents whose homes were flooded. [PH0TO BY DANIELLA HEMINGHAUS]

BRICK TOWNSHIP — Residents of Greenbriar I will meet with an attorney this weekend to discuss whether to enter into a class action lawsuit two months after torrential flooding damaged more than 100 homes in the adult community. 

Residents have said they believe that the newly constructed Exit 91 Parkway Interchange, which is located behind the community, worsened the flood conditions and caused some homes to be inundated with over a foot of water.

“When this happened, everybody wanted to know what happened and wanted answers,” said Justin Lamb, of the firm Lamb Law Offices, who has been retained by some of the impacted residents of Greenbriar.

According to Mr. Lamb there will be a meeting at noon on Saturday to with residents who have been affected by the torrential floods on Aug. 13. Around 105 homes on Markham Road were damaged. The meeting will take place at the Greenbriar I clubhouse.

“Saturday’s meeting is to meet with additional victims … that day we are going to try to get everyone together and try to decide who’s in and who’s not,” Mr. Lamb said Tuesday.

According to Angel Santos, a resident of Vaughn Court, which is off Markham Road, over 60 residents have expressed interest in taking part in a class action lawsuit. 

The day after the storm, Mr. Santos said he began to gather information about those who lived in the area to organize the lawsuit.

Possible targets for the suit, according to Mr. Santos, include Brick Township, the Brick Township Municipal Utility Authority and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

“When this flood came, we all know that it came from the Parkway with them doing the expansion on the Parkway road to accommodate the Parkway entrance and exit.” Mr. Santos said.

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