Heritage Park officially opens for ‘boundless’ play

Heritage Park in Point Pleasant Borough has been renovated to provide "boundless " opportunities. PHOTO BY MARK R. SULLIVAN

POINT PLEASANT — Borough officials brought out the big scissors to mark the highly anticipated grand opening of the community’s first “boundless” playground.

On Saturday, Sept. 8, the Heritage Park Improvement Project came to fruition and many local children had their chance to be the first to enjoy the updated and enhanced playground where children of all capabilities will be able to play, have fun, and enjoy the same amenities together.

“To have a place where she can play right alongside her peers is instrumental in her physical needs and great for her emotionally,” Sue Estelle said as she pushed a merry-go-round, giving her daughter Quinn a ride.

“We travel a lot for Quinn’s therapy sessions, California, Boston, and every time we come across a park like this, it just really feels good as a parent that she has someplace to play.

“It is great that our town finally came up with this place for everybody to play together, all kids, no matter what their abilities are.”

Located on Howe Street at the foot of the Lovelandtown Bridge, Heritage Park offers a full-size outdoor basketball court and a state-of-the-art playground designed to be a “boundless” playground where children of all ages and abilities can interact and enjoy themselves.

From the Merry-Go-Round to a teeter-totter, to age-appropriate playground equipped with slides and other hands-on features, officials spoke of the specialized equipment that make the park the first of its kind in the area.

“Ramp structures will enable someone to use a wheelchair or walking device to be able to enjoy the amenities around the playground, in addition there are also things along there for them to touch and play with,” said Laura Neumann, of engineering firm CME Associates.

“This park is a prototype of what we are going to continue to do in our town. Everybody knows Point Pleasant is a special place to live, now it is going to be a special place to play,” Mayor Robert Sabosik said.

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