Ex-NFL player and author to visit Sea Girt Library

Michael Attardi poses with the Lombardi trophy. After a stint as an NFL kicker, Mr. Attardi has gone on to play golf, produce films, and has been recognized for his volunteer services by two presidents. [Photo courtesy of Michael Attardi]

SEA GIRT— Michael Attardi, a former NFL player and author, will pay a visit to Sea Girt Library next week to discuss his new motivational book You Can’t Do That! Yes I Can!.

On Wednesday, September 12 at 3:30 p.m., Mr. Attardi will discuss how he has overcome adversity in his life to get to where he is today, through an eclectic and illustrious career in many different arenas.

Mr. Attardi, who was raised in Long Branch, tells of his struggles with a speech impediment he acquired as the result of a tonsillectomy surgery as a young child, as well as his battles with cancer.

“The original purpose of writing my book was to present my experiences with stuttering and dyslexia. I had a speech and reading impediment as a little boy. I stammered, stuttered and read words backwards. I learned that my thought process was much faster than my speech and reading process,” Mr. Attardi said Tuesday.

As a result, he said, many teachers said he would “would never amount to anything.” However, he did not let his impediment hold him back. “Even though I stuttered, I didn’t let it define me as a man. I was being defined by the way I handled myself as a true gentleman and friend to all. Stuttering helped me to be more compassionate and understanding of others that were different,” he said Tuesday.

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