Behind the bar and back at home


    With over 35 years in the business, Rich Griffith settled in behind the bar at The Salty Whale Guesthouse in his hometown of Manasquan.


    Griffith began his bartending career at Leggett’s in Manasquan after graduating from college in 1982. After working at Leggett’s for 12 years he went to Craig’s in Brick for almost 20 years followed by Rella’s in Brielle where he spent six years.

    Heading back to the town where his career started, Griffith is happy to be back home in the Manasquan community and behind the bar at The Salty Whale.

    “Love it here,“ said Griffith with a smile. “It’s close to home, it’s bright, airy, lot of fun.” 

    Griffith loves bartending and especially loves doing it in the town of Manasquan.

    “It’s my hometown, this is where I grew up,” he said. “It’s great to be here. I worked in Brick for a lot of years, made a lot of great friends working there, but it’s nice to be in Manasquan where you know everybody and it’s a lot of people from growing up, friends of the family, children’s parents and friends, so that type of thing.”

    For Griffith bartending is both something that he loves doing as well as a career that has given him the flexibility to be able to be a stay-at-home dad at times when his kids were young and allows him to coach high school sports.

    “My favorite part about bartending is probably being out and being with people that I know and the social aspect of it,” he said.


    Griffith enjoys putting martinis together, changing them up and having some fun with the cocktails he crafts. His favorite drink to mix is none other than the traditional iced tea, Long Island Iced Tea.

    “ … It’s easy and the result is usually pretty good, which I think people like,” he said. “People don’t drink it as much as they used to, it’s kind of an old style drink.

    ”Whether you’re a martini drinker, love a Long Island Iced Tea or are a beer fanatic, Griffith will craft you up your drink of choice with finesse and a bright smile.