Vaping in school will bring a day in municipal court


MANASQUAN — The Manasquan School District will rely on the borough’s municipal court and the state’s anti-smoking law to enforce its new initiative against vaping on school grounds.

The strategy was explained by Superintendent Frank Kasyan in an interview with The Coast Star regarding the district’s concern about the popularity of “smokeless tobacco” being inhaled through electronic devices.

Anti-vaping fines were announced at an Aug. 14 meeting of the board of education, but Mr. Kasyan elaborated on the methodology of enforcement and collection of fines during the interview.

“People don’t realize that on all district-owned land, you’re not allowed to smoke,” he said. “That means at the football games, at the new gym that we just built, any place that’s associated with the school district,” said Mr. Kasyan.

Vaping will be treated in the same way that any type of smoking on school grounds is treated, he said, with fines that must be paid in municipal court — in accordance with the state’s Clean Air Act.

If a student violates this policy, the principal or designee can file a complaint with the municipal court or other agency with jurisdiction, as stated in Policy No. 55-33, “Pupil Smoking.”

The fine for smoking on school grounds is $250 [first offense], $500 [second offense] and $1,000 [third offense].

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