Heights police officers warm hearts with a good deed

Police officers Ian Davis and Zach Ramp celebrate with Rose Corcoran on her 95th birthday. PHOTO COURTESY OF SLHPD

SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS — The good deed of two Spring Lake Heights police officers has warmed the hearts of thousands of people both locally and beyond over the past week.

In a social media post that quickly went viral, two police officers exemplified the mantra “protect and serve” as they responded to a call, and ultimately made a new friend.

Officers Zach Ramp and Ian Davis received a phone call around 4:45 in the morning on August DATE as they were working the midnight shift. The call was to Fairway Mews for a “lift assignment“ where a woman had fallen.

When the officers arrived, they found the woman on the ground stuck between the bed and her wall without the strength to get herself back up. The greeting the officers received was unexpected.

“‘Oh! Good morning boys!’” Rosie Corcoran,95 , said in a “very flirty tone” from her position on the ground with a big smile on her face, said Ptl Ramp on Monday.

After returning to the office, Ptl. Davis decided that they should do something nice for their new friend. Ptl. Davis and Ramp decided to get her cupcakes, balloons and flowers to celebrate Ms. Corcoran’s birthday, and a few days later paid her a surprise visit.

The officers were led up to Ms. Corcoran’s bedroom by a caretaker, who was “touched” by their visit, according to Ptl. Ramp. When they walked in, “her face was just emotionally filled, and joyous — smiling from ear to ear,” Ptl. Ramp said. “She kept saying ‘My boys are here! My boys are!’ … and then we all sang happy birthday.

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