Dassen the penguin pays a visit to Brielle Library

Dassen, a 19-year-old African penguin, stands up as her keeper, Carla Demarest, speaks to participants at the Brielle Library informing them about the African penguin. TYLER SPRINGSTEEN THE COAST STAR

BRIELLE — The Penguin Pointers program by Jenkinson’s Aquarium visited the Brielle Library on Tuesday, Aug. 14.

Children and adults took photos, asked questions and were awed by the visitor sitting on the table in front of them.

Dassen, a 19-year-old African Penguin, sat relaxed on a table, looking out into the crowd as Carla Demarest, a senior keeper at Jenkinson’s Aquarium, pet her back.

Ms. Demarest has been with Jenkinson’s Aquarium for 15 years and said what she does for a living, teaching people about marine life and conservation, is extremely rewarding for her.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with animals, so this has just always been an ideal thing for me,” she said.

Ms. Demarest spoke about Dassen and the other penguins at the aquarium, going over interesting facts about the birds from how they live to what they eat.

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