Burrsville pump station offline during flooding; lawmakers seek probe

Greenbriar I and Burrsville Road experienced severe flooding on Monday afternoon. PHOTO COURTESY OF THIRD DISTRICT LEGISLATIVE OFFICE

BRICK TOWNSHIP– The director of the Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority [BTMUA] confirmed Tuesday that a pump station on Burrsville Road went off-line due to flooding from the record rainfall. However, Chris Theodos, director of the BTMUA, denied the failure was a factor in the flooding of 105 homes in the Greenbriar I senior development.

“The pump station ceased to operate as a result of the storm water inundation,” Mr. Theodos told The Ocean Star. “The pump station, which was originally built in 1974, went offline Monday afternoon. By late afternoon, the BTMUA had pumps installed to continue operation. 

“We have never experienced this situation before at that pump station where the facility was inundated with storm water, that was the first time that has occurred,” he said, adding he did not know if the new exit 91 Garden State Parkway interchange had anything to do with the pump station being completely submerged.

Also on Tuesday, state lawmakers called for a probe of the cause of flooding on Burrsville Road where the pump station is located, that required first responders to evacuate residents by boat. 

“It’s a little suspicious that Greenbriar can go five decades without this kind of flooding, including during Superstorm Sandy, but it’s suddenly underwater a year after the adjacent Exit 91 project was completed,” said Assemblyman Dave Wolfe [R-Ocean] Tuesday as residents were starting to re-enter their homes.

“We need to know if changes to the grading or drainage in the area led to this flooding, and we need a plan to prevent it from happening again.”

In a joint statement released by Assemblyman Wolfe, along with State Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblyman Greg McGuckin, [all R-Ocean] the trio has called on the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to determine if the configuration of the Exit 91 interchange, which is near Markham Road in Greenbriar I where the worst of the flooding occurred, worsened flood conditions.

“The flooding that occurred yesterday along Burrsville Road and in Greenbriar is unlike anything the area has previously experienced, including during Sandy,” said Holzapfel.

“We’re concerned that the recent reconfiguration of Exit 91 has impacted the area to make it susceptible to flooding. The NJDOT needs to investigate and undertake improvements if that’s the case.”  

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