After being in the business of bagels for over 30 years the Merlino family knows the secret to handcrafting the perfect bagel, but this deli and grill goes beyond bagels with a carefully created menu that spans breakfast and lunch.


The Bagel Station opened its first location in 1988 in Red Bank, where it remains today, but last year a second location opened its doors to the Spring Lake Heights community at 2407 Rte. 71.

“We’re trying to build our business so it takes time, it takes time to build it,” said owner Joe Merlino. The community’s been great, the people here have been pretty supportive of the business, so it’s been pretty good.”

Bagel Station caters to the breakfast and lunch crowd seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. and strives to reach even more people in surrounding towns with delivery service within a five-mile radius.

“We’re doing a lot of delivery now with the Grub Hub, said Merlino. “So we go to Manasquan, Belmar, all these surrounding towns … we’ll bring it right to you with the Grub Hub and we do the Uber Eats too.”

For those craving a breakfast sandwich from Bagel Station, but who can’t seem to make it there this option allows them to bring it right to you. According to Merlino, they have been getting a pretty good response with the delivery options especially on weekends.


Far from a typical bagel shop, Bagel Station has a blackboard menu spanning the wall behind the counter with truly a breakfast and lunch option for everyone.

“So I wanted to create something where when you come in here if somebody wants a breakfast, if somebody wants a lunch, you come in late in the day and somebody wants breakfast or vice versa, we’ve got omelettes, pancakes, burgers but at the same time our main thing is bagels, said Merlino. “People come in here for the bagels first and foremost, but we do offer a lot of stuff.”

It’s no surprise that bagels come first and foremost for many customers as the Merlino family has been hand rolling and kettle boiling their bagels since 1979. The menu boasts an endless number of breakfast sandwich options as well as various spreads for the bagels and bagel styles that include mini bagels, flagels, gluten-free options, pizza bagels and more.

“We’ve been doing it a long time so we’re pretty proud of our bagels, said Merlino. “We’re a full- scale operation.”

According to Merlino, they’ve been selling a lot of breakfast wraps with about seven options that customers have been enjoying with nice combinations offered. The Western wrap is comprised of two eggs/egg whites, ham, onions and peppers and the Remsen wrap contains two eggs/egg whites with turkey bacon, pepper jack cheese, jalapenos and avocado.

Of course the menu offers customers all the traditional breakfast options like Jersey’s signature pork roll egg and cheese and many more breakfast sandwiches. Bagel Station is even serving acai bowls, which are another option that’s become extremely popular with the shore community.

“Again we’re trying to create … [that] there’s something for everybody,” said Merlino. “Somebody walks in, you have a little bit of everything …”

Grab a delicious cup of coffee from the coffee bar and order up a breakfast or lunch dish that suits you. Whether your meal is on the go or you have time to sit down and savor a hearty breakfast, Bagel Station is the place to be.