Sea Girt’s ‘Uber zone’ will vanish in the off-season

A car call service vehicle drops off passengers in Sea Girt’s ‘Uber zone’ during the early evening on Friday, June 29. Vehicles from services including Uber and Lyft are permitted to pick up or drop off patrons in the zone, but are not permitted to park and wait there. They are also not permitted to use the licensed taxi lane at the nearby Parker House. [DANIELLA HEMINGHAUS | THE COAST STAR]

SEA GIRT — The pavement markings for the borough’s new pickup and drop-off zone will disappear on Sept. 16, under an amendment approved by the borough council on June 27.

Between Sept. 16 and April 30, the 11 parking spaces that had been painted over to created the zone will reappear.

The amendment designates May 1 to Sept. 15 as the seasonal timeframe for the zone, which was designed primarily for use by Uber and Lyft. The car call services are not permitted to use the standing taxi lane at the seasonally busy Parker House nearby.

There was plenty of activity in and around the zone last Friday, beginning with the 5 p.m. happy hour at the Parker House.

Traffic cones lined the pickup and drop-off lane and Sea Girt police officers were on hand to direct traffic.

Matt Hayden and Tyler Bobal had taken an Uber to the Parker House all the way from their hometown in Hoboken, something they said they do almost every weekend.

But Mr. Hayden seemed to agree with the zone’s Sea Girt residents who oppose the new arrangement.

“I think the new zone is annoying,” said Mr. Hayden, adding that it seemed to treat the Parker House like “some kind of sacred place.” “I think it’s overkill,” he said. “I understand it gets busy but there’s already cops on every corner directing traffic.”

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