Borough to impose ban on beach weddings


SPRING LAKE — The borough council voted Tuesday to impose a ban on weddings and other parties at Spring Lake’s beachfront, boardwalk or gazebos, beginning Nov. 1.

Council members unanimously approved Ordinance No. 2018-005, amending and supplementing chapter 114, Beaches and Pools, on its second reading and public hearing. Councilman David Frost was not present for the June 26 meeting.

Explaining the move, Borough Administrator Bryan Dempsey said, “In the past, there’s been times in the summer where we’ve had a lot of large gatherings in those locations … [this] prevents that from happening.”

The ordinance states, “No parties, weddings, gatherings, ceremonies or similar special events shall be permitted on any portion of the boardwalk, including any adjacent structures such as the Washington Avenue, and Newark Avenue Gazebo; North and South End Pavilions; and the Pier Beach Boardwalk Patio Area.”

It continues, “Beach parties, weddings, gatherings, ceremonies and similar events are prohibited on Borough beaches. Non-beach related items such as tables, upright chairs, stages, and podiums are prohibited on Borough beaches for any purpose.”

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