Ladybugs fly away, delighting Brielle second graders

Cathy Shalloo reaches into a bag of ladybugs, passing handfuls to second-graders outside of Brielle Elementary. The children ran, bugs in hand, to the closest bushes to release them. TYLER SPRINGSTEEN THE COAST STAR

BRIELLE — Ladybugs filled the air and surrounding shrubbery outside Brielle Elementary School as the second-grade class ran, laughed and screamed on Tuesday, June 19.

The second-graders were joined by Cathy Shalloo, of the Bayberry Garden Club of Brielle, who is an expert in all things ladybug.

She stood in her ladybug- pin covered hat, ladybug blouse and red pants teaching the students everything there is to know about ladybugs and how they help the environment.

“These ladybugs keep the flowers and shrubbery grow- ing,” she said to the students.

Organized by Ms. Petrone, a second-grade teacher at Brielle Elementary, Ms. Shalloo comes to the school every year and gives her presentation to the second-grade class.

She taught the children how ladybugs protect themselves from other insects, how they serve as natural pesticides in gardens and how they eat aphids, garden destroying insects


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