Ducey heads off challenge to lead Dems

Councilman Jim Fozman calls for a sow of hands before a formal vote for chairman of the Brick Township Democratic Committee

BRICK TOWNSHIP — In a contentious meeting to decide who would chair the township’s Democratic Committee, Mayor John Ducey and his supporters won out over Councilman Jim Fozman and the faction of Democrats who supported him.

The vote was 49 to 8 in favor of the mayor, but the June 11 meeting was not without controversy and Councilman Fozman opted to see the votes cast for him to take over as chairman, as well as to count hand votes before the final tally.

“It is a shame that [Councilman] Fozman had to create lies in order to try and persuade people to support him for chair,” Mayor Ducey said.

“It is clear that he was a very desperate person so I guess he figured he would burn all bridges and try to destroy the party,” Mayor Ducey said in an email to The Ocean Star on Wednesday.

“As predicted all but his close friends saw through the lies and venom and overwhelmingly elected me by a 49-8 vote. I thank the committee for their support and know that we will move past this embarrassing situation that one member chose to impose upon the entire party.”

Mayor Ducey will take over from Council President Heather deJong, who has served as the committee’s chair for six years.

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