Council eying a fix for sand blowing onto basketball courts

Currently the volleyball courts along the bayfront in Lavallette have lost a great deal of sand to the wind and have pooled up with water. PHOTO BY MATTHEW SALVATORE

LAVALLETTE — The borough council voted unanimously to accept a plan that would address the problem of sand from the beach volleyball courts inundating the basketball court.

Local resident Dave Daly and his family offered to fund the solution. The nearby basketball courts are named in memory of Mr. Daly’s son, George.

“We want to help out,” Mr. Daly told the council.

According to council members, residents have complained about the sand from the volleyball courts blowing onto the basketball courts during the summer months and onto borough streets during the winter.

This has left the volleyball courts without sand and filled with water.
“The sand is all blown out of the courts and the concrete holding up the poles is exposed and right now it’s a dangerous problem,” Borough Administrator Robert Brice said.

Plans for the fix, which Mr. Daly offered to the borough administrator, include a 5-foot fence with wing slats running along the baseline of the courts to keep sand from blowing on the courts and snow fencing during the winter that would surround the sand.

Other options were being weighed by the borough administrator including: replacing the sand with a clay compound similar to a baseball infield, replacing it with crumb rubber, placing plastic barriers along the outside of the court and a few others.

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