Uber and Lyft zone plan fails to win council approval


MANASQUAN — It’s back to the drawing board for the borough after a proposed amendment creating a pickup and drop-off zone for Uber and Lyft car services failed to win approval during its second reading and public hearing.

Tensions were high on the dais over two aspects of the ordinance: one being the fee structure of taxi-cab licensing in the borough and the other being the proposed active pickup and drop-off zone. There was also debate over whether the two items belonged in the same discus sion or whether they are “apples and oranges” issues as, Councilman Gregg Olivera described them.

The zone, primarily for use by Uber and Lyft, would have been established from the Osprey Nightclub on East Main Street to the front of Leggett’s Sand Bar on First Avenue. It would consist of nine active spaces, absorbing at least five current spots in which taxis have been permitted to stand and wait for customers.

In the new zone, however, vehicles would not be able to park for longer than five minutes to drop off or pick up patrons. Several taxi drivers argued that licensed cabs, as well as Uber and Lyft, should also be able to use the drop-off zone, in addition to an existing standing zone that excludes the new call car services.

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