Fine Arts Night at Manasquan Elementary School

Manasquan Elementary School will host its annual Fine Arts Night event on Tuesday, June 5, at 7 p.m. FILE PHOTO

MANASQUAN — Manasquan Elementary School students represented artists from differing countries and time periods on Tuesday June 5 as part of the school’s popular Fine Arts Night program.

More than 1,500 art pieces were created by preschool through eighth grade students. Tables were set up for students to speak with parents and guests about what they learned over the school year.

There were also giveaways for attendees who created their own art as well as STEAM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics] activities for guests to enjoy. The high school robotics team worked with kindergartners to create a robotics exhibit for the event.

Art Kaney, also known as “Doodle Dude,” a nationally recognized illustration artist, was to have a workshop area at the event for parents and students to create character drawings.

Teri Trumpbour and Jenny Rostron, art teachers at MES, said it was important to have a full interactive night of visual arts so the public can better understand how much knowledge students can gain by studying visual arts.

 “The visual arts teach our children history, critical thinking and performance,” read a statement on the event. “Fine Arts Night gives students not only the chance to share their work, but to show the public how they have grown as artists. We encourage everyone from any community to come join us in support of the visual arts.”

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