Brick to ask landlords to screen new renters


BRICK TOWNSHIP — A new ordinance being considered by the township council would require landlords and property owners to screen prospective renters for illegal activity.

“We have a number of rentals properties where landlords are not careful about who they rent to and there is some criminal activity in some of these houses,” Mayor John Ducey said.

“There are some drug dealers that you read about in the paper where there are various raids that happen and invariably it comes back that it’s renters. It’s not people who own houses and care about our town.

“It seems like the landlords don’t care about our town either, because they aren’t doing the proper kinds of checks and renting to the wrong people,” the mayor added.

The council voted unanimously to introduce the ordinance, which will have a public hearing and a vote for final adoption at the June 12 council meeting.

“This ordinance gives more teeth to the Responsible Landlord Ordinance we passed a few years ago that holds landlords responsible for bringing in good tenants by fining the landlord if their tenant violates certain criminal or municipal laws more than twice in a 24-month period,” Council President Heather deJong said at the May 22 council meeting before the measure was introduced.

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