Beach mulls preemptive ban on pot dispensaries

Point Pleasant Beach Borough Hall. FILE PHOTO / THE OCEAN STAR

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — New Jersey will have a new governor in January and the borough council has launched a preemptive strike on one of his campaign promises.

At the borough council meeting on Tuesday night, members on the dais moved to have the borough attorney draw up an ordinance that would outlaw marijuana dispensaries in the borough.

The dispensaries were a political platform of governor-elect Phil Murphy, a Democrat.

“Our new governor and state Legislature seem intent on legalizing marijuana in some capacity, whether it’s recreational or medicinal, and I am going to ask the borough attorney to [draw up an ordinance] to ban marijuana dispensaries in the borough of Point Pleasant Beach,” said Councilman Thomas Toohey, a member of the all-Republican governing body.

“I want to be clear about something, I don’t care what people do within the privacy of their own home, but what I do care about is Point Pleasant Beach as a whole and there are some issues in this industry right now that could make it problematic for Arnold Avenue.

“One is that it is a cash business, it’s not federally regulated so it doesn’t have the same protections as most businesses because it is federally illegal.”

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