Weather plays a hand in beach fill delays

The beach at Mantoloking. FILE PHOTO / THE OCEAN STAR

MANTOLOKING — The weather is proving a formidable impediment for the borough, as rough seas have caused a delay in the beach replenishment project.

With the pipe in place and equipment beginning to be staged, the Army Corps of Engineers beach replenishment project was slated to begin in the borough on Sept. 9.

However, rough seas, with waves over eight feet generated by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the fill was delayed, according to Councilman Chris Nelson.

“There has been quite a lot of offshore activity,” Councilman Nelson said. “They have yet to put in the subline nor have they moved the cutter head dredge up.”

The cutter head dredge is the offshore machinery needed to pump sand from the pump site to the beach in order to build up the protective dunes.

According to Police Chief Stacy Ferris, wave conditions over eight feet prevent the dredge from anchoring.

“Anything up to eight feet they have the boat anchored in place … anything over eight feet they have to take the boat to safe harbor,” she said. “We’re hoping to get better conditions.”

While Councilman Nelson said the sand pad landing site should be established next week, with the fill set to begin one week later, he reminded residents the project is at the mercy of the weather.

“We can’t say,” he said of a start date.

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