Borough celebrates Founders Day


LAVALLETTE — Thousands turned out Saturday to celebrate not just the borough’s founding, but its rebirth.

“To me it’s like a renewal of hope that our community is going to be able to be what it was before,” said Kathy Conger, who moved to Lavallette two months before Superstorm Sandy.

“Honestly I am surprised that we came back as far as we have as quickly as we have. In the past I used to come to this event when it was Heritage Day every year.

“Now I think the focus is more on our community and I think it made us realize what we had and what we lost and it makes it that much more precious to us now,” Ms. Conger said.

On Sept. 9, thousands turned out for Founders Day, the borough’s annual celebration of its history and the recovery of the town since Superstorm Sandy, almost five years ago.