Waypoint 622 owner defends operations, permit applications


BRIELLE — Larry Grafas, owner of Waypoint 622, took the stand for Waypoint’s long-running variance and minor site plan application on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

Mr. Grafas testified in front of Brielle’s Zoning Board of Adjustment in an effort to address claims made by those opposing the application before the board. The application is seeking approval for a use variance and for the site plan.

According to the Waypoint owner and his attorney, John J. Jackson, an attorney for a resident opposing the application claimed the work done at Waypoint 622 was done without proper permits and approvals.

Mr. Grafas testified that he had proper permits for all the work that has been done to his restaurant and frequently consulted with borough officials such as zoning officers and the borough forester.

Tim Middleton, an attorney representing one of the residents opposing Waypoint’s application, drew attention to the outdoor amplification system the restaurant uses for visiting bands.

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