East Avenue reconfiguration plans hit a dead end


BAY HEAD — After months of heated debate, the borough council has decided to abandon plans to reconfigure East Avenue by adding bicycle and pedestrian pathways to the one-way thoroughfare.

At a recent meeting, the governing body voted 4-2 to eliminate the double yellow lines and all “share the road” markings along the heavily travelled roadway. “We will continue to look at it. Everybody has their own opinions on it,” Mayor William Curtis said.

“Right now what is there is going to stay because of the time of year, so we’ll see what happens after Labor Day.”

The East Avenue project has been a divisive issue at recent borough council meetings, with many voicing their opposition.

“I think you guys have created a problem that we never really had an issue to begin with,” Lake Avenue resident Jay Cornell said. “You are adding things that are not needed. Now we have created a scenario where it is dangerous because people thought they had certain proprietary rights over others and [they don’t].”

East Avenue Dennis Shaning said he was thankful that the governing body decided to remove the yellow lines that indicate bicycle lanes. “I think this is a classy upscale community and now we have what looks like the landing strip at Newark Airport running right down East Avenue,” he said.


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