History is honored during ‘WWII Weekend’ at InfoAge


WALL TOWNSHIP – The ninth annual World War II [WWII] Weekend at InfoAge Science History Learning Center and Museum brought learners of all ages together for a chance to go back in time and see what it was really like to live in the era that saw Pearl Harbor, D-Day, atomic bombs and much more.

On Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 26 and 27, visitors to the historic site on Marconi Road had the opportunity to experience a plethora of miniature models, dioramas and other memorabilia while honoring and remembering those who served in the armed forces.

“We are making sure this isn’t being forgotten,” volunteer Dave Sica said. “Most of the people who come to visit will not have experienced this personally. This is the next best thing we can do to give you that impression of what people were doing, what was important, what was topical back then and why it was important and still is [important] to remember.”

One display visitors can enjoy depicts a typical WWII Living Room. From a display of period furniture and a “virtual” radio, visitors travel back in time, joining the many families who would gather around to listen to news, entertainment, speeches and more during the war era.

“This was designed to give people an idea of what a typical living room might look like during WWII,” Mr. Sica said. “We display an actual radio of the era and feed it with programming so that people can try to get the feel for what it was like to be in their living room and hear the news and the programming in the era. Most people didn’t have a television and this is where they got their information from. They huddled around it and listened very carefully.”

Programming [ranging from 1941 to 1945] was made possible through special computer software and gives listeners a vivid imagination of what it was like to hear the declaration of war, to hear about the attack on Pearl Harbor, the D-Day invasion and about the many other historic moments and battles and invasions that took place.


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