Together in Tandem


    When she moved from New York City with her husband, Maryclaire Pennotti discovered she could not find the type of spin class she was looking for and had grown accustomed to.

    Pennotti put together a business plan, executed it and took the risk. Thus, Tandem Cycle was born, opening its doors in Manasquan, and riding for people all over Monmouth and Ocean counties.


    Pennotti, a pediatric nurse practitioner, explained she has always considered health and wellness to be integral to her life.

    In New York City, Pennotti found a plethora of spinning options and now she has brought her own spinning option to Monmouth County.

    “Manasquan has been an amazing community to open in,” said Pennotti. “We’ve had such support from locals who are here all year round as well as our summer crowd that comes down from other places where they are used to having someplace they can jump in and not necessarily have a membership like at a big-box gym.”


    Tandem Cycle invites you to ride for yourself, ride for others and ride tandem.

    Pennotti explained the idea was to incorporate giving back to the community in the business plan, which led to a partnership with the not-for-profit, Donors Choose.

    Donors Choose allows public school teachers from all over America to post projects that need help with funding on the website.

    “… We’ve been choosing usually a Monmouth or Ocean county project because it speaks more to our clients,” explained Pennotti.

    “If someone’s riding for their daughter’s second-grade class that hits home a little bit more than going to a different place where you’re not getting that connection to something bigger than yourself,” she added.

    For the month of August, Tandem Cycle is riding for Keansburg Preschool to help provide art supplies for the preschool. According to Pennotti, every month they give 1 percent of gross sales to the Donors Choose project that has been selected for the month.


    “Tandem, our name, is derived from the fact that we’re riding in tandem with one another,” said Pennotti. “We’re riding in tandem with a cause.

    “We’re riding in tandem, our technique, we ride to the beat of the music so it’s rhythmic,” she explained. “There’s no center console where you’re looking at numbers or RPMs or heart rate.”

    Even before stepping into Tandem Cycle the energy emanates all around you. Once you get on your bike everything else is about you.

    “The room’s dark, the music is loud,” she added. “It’s your 45 minutes to just get in your own head and get out whatever you need to.

    “If you had a bad day you’re letting go of that in that room or you’re setting goals for yourself that you’re riding toward together.”


    Pennotti explained they strive to make the intimidation factor zero for those who have never done it before. From helping get set up with your bike to grabbing you a set of weights, the instructors will take you through step-by-step.

    According to Pennotti, the class is a total body workout and weights are used throughout the workout to current music. “People are sometimes scared of what they’ve never done before, but we try to go over the top with customer service and just make sure that everyone feels a part of what we’re doing here,” she said.


    Pennotti explains the instructor training program is specific to Tandem so you will not get the same workout you would at a gym. 

    “It’s important to find people with the right personality, with that motivation factor,” said Pennotti. “You can teach technique, you can teach them the way that we ride, but you can’t teach someone how to motivate a room of 30 people.

    “That kind of comes innately, so we’re building that and so far I’ve surrounded myself with very strong instructors and that’s why we’re so successful, because of the team that I’m surrounded by, it’s by no means just myself,” she added.


    Tandem Cycle is open seven days a week and offers classes morning, afternoon and evening during the week and morning classes on weekends. 

    Special events, weekends and corporate events are also offered at the studio.

    You’ll definitely get a full-body workout with a 45-minute class at Tandem Cycle, but the goal is far greater than just working out.

    “You’re going to feel braver and empowered when you leave here to take on whatever the day throws at you,” said Pennotti.

    Goals for moving forward include hopes to expand in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

    Take time to get to know Tandem. Visit them online at to learn more.