Brian Clayton and the Green River Band


    Back in the 90’s he was playing the Jersey Shore circuit in a pretty popular cover band, but after leaving the band in ‘99, Brian Clayton dove into the rocking world of country music.


    “So I’ve kind of been doing country music before country music was really popular,” said Clayton. He went on to explain that he’s seen the evolution of country music and how the genre became so popular within a short period of time.

    “I remember when I use to tell people I was playing in a country band back in ‘99 and they’d be like, ‘Oh I don’t like that kind of music,’” said Clayton with a laugh.

    While many people may have jumped on the country bandwagon later on, Clayton notes that he’s always been a fan of traditional country music, listing artists such as George Strait and Little Jimmy Dickens. He also notes Keith Urban, Tim McGraw and Collin Raye as some of his biggest music influences.

    “Country music has definitely changed significantly over the years, said Clayton.

    “So to be part of what’s been going on for a long time is just exciting.”


    One of Brian Clayton’s songs made it to the big screen this year in the movie, “The Big Sick.”

    “ … Getting my song in a movie was crazy,” said Clayton. “And ironically the song that’s in the movie is something that I recorded back in 2001.”

    The song is “She Let Me Go” and is heard in a really important scene of the movie, according to Clayton.

    Catch their music live on Thursday, Aug. 24, at Latitudes in Forked River. Clayton has another CD coming out toward the end of the year so he is in the process of recording it. For more information, visit

    “We’re really excited about what’s going on,” said Clayton. “We have a full band.

    “It’s five pieces and sometimes we throw a pedal steeler fiddle player with us,” he added.