Survey project studying the bottom of Lake Como


LAKE COMO — A team from Monmouth University is mapping the bottom of Lake Como for a journal publication — work that will also contribute to a stormwater modeling and flood mapping project.

According to Thomas Candiloro, a Monmouth University student involved in the project, the survey will answer questions about changes to Lake Como since its last survey, as well as changes since Superstorm Sandy.

The survey was conducted by James Nickels, head marine scientist and data was processed by Monmouth University professor Geoffrey Fouad and Mr. Candiloro. The survey and analysis was funded through a summer research grant from The Urban Coast Institute at Monmouth University.


Experts were able to conclude from their findings that Lake Como could be vulnerable to flooding during large storms. The project is supported by the Lake Como Environmental Commission [EC], which “is interested in improving the whole Lake and Lake Front in general,” said Chair of the EC Jon Gibbons.

The final results of the survey and analysis will be presented at Monmouth University’s “Works in Progress” talk on Oct. 25, and Mr. Candiloro will present the results at the American Association of Geographers annual meeting in April 2018.

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