Traffic calming devices planned for Third Avenue

SPRING LAKE — The Borough of Spring Lake will be installing two traffic calming “speed platforms” along Third Avenue as part of Phase III of its Third Avenue project. The platforms, whose changes in grade provide a bumpier ride to vehicles exceeding speed limits, will be located between Lake Como and South Boulevard, equidistant from the driveway to Marucci Park, “about 200 feet north and 215 feet south,” said borough engineer Peter Avakian. Mr. Avakian explained speed platforms and their purpose to the borough council at its meeting Tuesday night. According to Mr. Avakian, the platforms are 22-feet long, with six-feet rises on either side and 10-feet plateau across the top. “If you’re going the speed limit, you feel a rise and a lowering. If you’re going 35 mph and your car doesn’t have a great suspension, you will really feel it. It’s a jolt,” said Mr. Avakian. Unlike experiencing a speed bump, which provides one quick jolt to a speeding vehicle, driving over a speed platform serves to make motorists more conscious of their speed by making the ride feel different through through the grade changes. “It is intended to advise the driver they are driving over something,” Mr. Avakian said.

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