Scholastic girls lacrosse team lands at Beach

Point Pleasant Beach High School. FILE PHOTO / THE OCEAN STAR
POINT BEACH — Lobbying the school board and athletic department has paid off for the Beach girls lacrosse team, which will play a junior varsity schedule and be recognized as a scholastic team at Point Pleasant Beach High School next season. Beach hosted a girls lacrosse club team this past spring in hopes of gaining traction for the sport. “The Board of Education, seeing a sustained level of interest and excitement among the founding members of the club, decided to support the continued development of the program by offering a pathway to the formation of a recognized junior varsity team,” said Point Beach Superintendent William Smith. There were many concerns coming with a new scholastic team at Beach, mainly dealing with drawing other athletes away from other sports, followed enough traction from the student body and finally budget concerns. “It remains a challenge to Group I schools to offer the variety of extracurricular programs available to students in larger districts, but the Beach prides itself in exploring every avenue possible to offer our students a truly comprehensive high school experience.” After making their case before Point Beach interim Athletic Director John Wagner, and other athletic department and school board members, the girls have finally reached their goal. Carleigh Burns, a member of the Beach girls lacrosse club is excited for the spring and is eager to pick up a stick and represent her high school. “It’s awesome, I’ve been playing lacrosse for many years now and it’s a great feeling to have brought lacrosse to this community and be able to play for my school,” said Burns.

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